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    The Last Shaman
    Shamans are the people that are believed to be in touch with the world of good and evil spirits and they are most popular in the case of northern Asia and North America. By practicing rituals with which they connect to people, they could heal illnesses. Though we might believe that the Native Americans today are extinct, some new statistics say that there are about 4.5 million Native Americans and Alaska natives in United States today. And that makes about 1.5 percent of the American nation.

    One of the biggest injustice to one people has been done with the 'discovering' of America, when white people from the European continent started to settle down on the new continent. Where they came, there were already people that lived and had developed their specific culture. Indians were nomadic people who hiked over from Asia to todays' Alaska, and it was more than 12 thousand years ago. And, believe it or not, it was estimated that about 50 million people already lived on the America's land before the European invaders came and introduced their culture, but first, did all they could to destroy or to reduce the Native Americans population. White people found the red ones as savages and didn't even try to understand these people's culture. And, Native Indians, as they were called, were peaceful people and very much in touch with the nature.

    In our game for today we are introducing you Matthew is an adventurer and he very much influenced by the traditional medicine. He has dedicated his whole life in mountain adventures and finding healing herbs in the environment. In one of his adventures he heard of Aurumai, one of the best shamans in the Native Americans culture. He lives in one of the North America's reservations. Matthew starts the pursuit of the last shaman, wanting to inherit his knowledge so he could transfer it to the next generations.


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    The Last Shaman

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    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 11.04.2016
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    Mishasmygirl (2 years ago):
    Game froze. This seems a common problem with your games.

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