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    When you visit one place, than the best way to take on someone's culture is by tasting it, by trying different foods specific for the place, by visiting the most interesting place in the town or village, talking to locals... People are fooling themselves if they think that the French culture is only the top of the Eiffel Tower or the Sacred Heart. It is consisted of all the overwhelming tastes of cheese, of croissants or the lovely wines of the Champagne area.

    A culture is a complex thing - out of a good behavior one has to know at least the basic phrases and words to handle a new environment, and to show some respect. No matter what place you visit, the most attractive parts of each town or city, are the small streets full of old culture, craftsmen, a lot of music and hand works. That is priceless. That is the way to sense the old culture. People who love to travel usually love to buy little things like souvenirs and stuff and than, a lot of years later, when they would see them at home, they would think of the lovely time they had.

    You are guessing, today we are introducing you with a person you simply doesn't want to seat at home and wants to see the more is possible of the world. Melissa is a woman who wants to travel and visit bazaars typical for the area that she is visiting. She uses each of her voyage to visit the city markets and to buy something, a souvenir or some gadget she could use for her home. At the moment, Melissa is traveling in Europe and she visits the most popular bazaar on that place, called Fancy Bazaar. She is completely impatient to start her shopping. Our player is her friend who is her companion in her buying mission. Have a nice time together!


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    Fancy Bazaar

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    Published on: 21.04.2016
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