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    Backyard Hidden Objects
    It doesn't matter where you live today, but we all come from somewhere. And, only if we haven't had a good childhood out of different reasons, than we wouldn't want to return in our home town and house. In all other cases, we are very happy for any occasion that we have to go back where we had the first kiss maybe with the prettiest boy or girl in the neighborhood, or to go back in our children room, where we dreamt about what would our life would be in ten or twenty years, the rooms that were full of our treasure and fantasy. The family life and the aroma of the favorite cookies or meal, that we could never forget, no matter where our destiny would lead us. Our hero for today Frank is sentimental these days. He came back to his house after a while and now he wants to find his stuff.

    I don't know about you, but Frank`s house backyard has been completely and totally ignored for the last four or five years. It is the house he grew up in. Frank hasn`t been back there in a while and a lot of his personal belongings are still in the house. He stepped back there just once during the past winter, and that was just to see if everything is still there. But he doesn`t know that his valuable objects are scattered to the winds. Needless to say, his old house lonely backyard is one huge, hot mess. His belongings are all over the backyard, in the shed and in the garage.

    But now, the time has come to occupy himself with the search of the hidden objects in the backyard! It's time to face his fears and tackle the jungle that has grown in the back of his old house.


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    Backyard Hidden Objects

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    Published on: 26.04.2016
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    DOODLEBUG (3 years ago):
    why does it take so long ??????
    DOODLEBUG (3 years ago):
    I wait & wait ..........
    elsa2007 (3 years ago):
    elsa2007 (3 years ago):
    Fancylou (3 years ago):
    My screen is blank will not allow me any games why?
    Titaaa (3 years ago):
    This kind of game is the one I prefer because it has several other games in it, and ends with Zuma!

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