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    The Wonder of Babylon
    If you don't now much about Babylon, but surely you have heard of the Babylon's tower, the one that contained all the languages of the world. The place actually existed and it was built a long long time ago, in the year 2300 BC. It was part of the ancient Mesopotamia, a very fertile plain between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates. If today we are talking about states that are still not independent or belong to a bigger colony, Babylon was actually a small city state that had its' independence four millenniums ago. That talks about the cultural development that this city had and the heritage it has left.

    Maybe you have heard about the famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon, that belong to one of the Seven wonders of the ancient world. It is believed that in a long period, Babylon was actually the largest city in the world. Today, big part of the city belongs to Iraq and it is close to Baghdad, and unfortunately, big part of it is destroyed.

    Azar is just an ordinary man who lives far away from Babylon's treasures. Whole his life he has listened for the beauties and miracles of Babylon and one day, he has decided to go for a long walk and to convince himself about the beauties of this country. Azar arrives in Babylon and he is kindly surprised of the view, not only of the treasure, but of the people he sees. They are very generous and allow him to choose objects he likes and to take them with him, as a sign of a good will and as souvenirs. This is not some very difficult assignment for you, isn't it? For a change, it is something fine, you don't need to fight with bad people, dragons, fairies or frustrated witches.


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    The Wonder of Babylon

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    Published on: 27.05.2016
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