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    Road Closed
    Regular day, just like any other day, at least it was supposed to be this kind of day. Larry decided to visit his aunt that lives few hours driving with train from his city. Larry has a car and he usually goes traveling with car but this day he decided to take the train because his car is didn't work good so he took it to the mechanist. However, maybe he is accustomed to traveling by car but traveling by train would be a very nice experience and he could relax and rest all the way long, enjoying the wonderful landscapes that surround the road.

    Larry took the train, feeling excited and happy that he would see his aunt. The trip was excellent so far, everything was as he imagined – nature, relaxing... it seemed as the everyday stress is somewhere far away. Maybe the train was going slower but it was nice, he doesn't have anywhere to rush... but in one moment something unexpected happen! When Larry was on his half way to his aunt's home, the train bumped upon an obstacle that wasn't planned – a sign 'Road Closed'. Well this sounded like a real trouble since they were left in a middle of nowhere! Just the train and nothing surrounding them.

    This situation made the passengers so nervous. They were looking for some way out, without knowing what to do. The crew of the train said that they will find a solution to the problem but everything went that slow... Larry was calm at first and he was waiting something to happen but in one moment he realized that he shouldn't stay like that but he should do something to help the passengers. He decided to leave the train and search for some kind of transport, so he could reach his final destination.


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    Road Closed

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    Genres: Mystery
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    Published on: 28.05.2016
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