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    Hidden Numbers Tractor
    Sometimes we need a little brain activity like solving puzzles, solving mathematical problems, some visual optical games, or play simple hidden object games! Yeah, these hidden object games are also an excellent exercise for your brain! Ok, there isn't a lot of thinking there, but you should look around thoroughly and be very meticulous! These kinds of games actually improve your attention to detail and perception! So, if you are fan of the hidden object games, than you are going to love this one!

    Game Walkthrough: Your task in this game is to find the numbers hidden in the tractor! If you click on the right place you will get 100 points, but if you click on a wrong place you lose the same 100 points! You 5 minutes for this challenge, so I think that you have more than enough time to accomplish this task successfully and find all the numbers there! The numbers are written at the bottom of the game screen and as you click on the number you have found it automatically disappears from there, so only the numbers that are still waiting to be found are written there. Some of the numbers are more noticeable, while others are really well disguised and they are really hard to find. Ok, here is a tip for youthe numbers are scattered all around the picture, not just on the tractor, so you should go with your mouse cursor through the whole picture, step by step. Also, the numbers are not same in size, shape and color so you have to be aware of this! They may be placed on some very unusual places and

    Game Instructions: This is a very simple game to play! Simple in a means of controls! So, the only thing you have to do is to click on the left mouse button when you find the number! I sincerely hope that you will like this game and that you will spend a nice time playing it! So come on, don't waste a second more, and start searching!!!


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    Hidden Numbers Tractor

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    Published on: 12.01.2012
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