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    Hidden Numbers Shopping Mall 2
    Shopping malls, shopping centers, shopping arcades, malls or even strip malls all of these words refer to one thing, a huge place where you can find different kinds of stores, restaurants, actually everything you want.

    Although these places are constructed so people can go in, shop, pick up what they want and get out but there are so many people that spend hours and hours in there. For an instance teenagers. They actually go out at night in the shopping malls and hang out usually in fast food diners or go to the cinema. Thats why a lot of people connect the shopping malls in their neighborhoods with nice memories like the first kiss or the first date.

    Game Walkthrough:So now you are in a shopping mall but your job isnt to relax because you must find a bunch of hidden numbers in this place. First you might get confused because this is a huge place with lot of details but if you look hard than you can locate the numbers. This game will put your perception skills to the ultimate test. We are giving you a magnifying glass so you can see better because without this, the task is almost impossible. The other thing that will make this job harder is the fact that you are working under a time pressure. So you have only five minutes to complete the mission and find all the numbers on the list. Can you achieve that?

    Game Instructions:Take the computer mouse in your hand and thats all you need to play Hidden Numbers Shopping Mall 2. Click on the number when you spot it but dont click if you are not sure because with every missed try we will reduce your score. So are you prepared to show us what you are made of?


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    Hidden Numbers Shopping Mall 2

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    Published on: 12.01.2012
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    bobby1 (3 years ago):
    ok the very frist game i played after login and what do i get  aSPANISH AD boo boo i do not understand  what happend to english this is america  

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