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    Fairy Shelter
    We have all grown up with stories about fairies. Perhaps it's about the folklore, those tales are old as the humanity but how did this thin begin? Did someone saw a fairy long time ago? Did someone communicate with them? In the stories they often meet people, some of them even live in their surroundings but in the present we haven't heard about someone that has somehow contacted a fairy! This is all strange but we are accustomed to the stories and finally, when we don't have an explanation about something that we hear, we say ‘leave it, it's just a fairytale.'

    However, Rita may be the girl that will change the believing that it's just about fairytales. She is a girl that enjoyed fairy tales since she was very, very young. She has been hearing those stories very carefully, remembering each word but also she always believed that fairies really exist and they are hiding somewhere deep in the woods. Now she is quite grown up but she still believes that everything she has heard in the stories is true.

    It was just a day like every other day when Rita was walking through the forest near her place. She was going deeper and deeper into the woods when she discovered something very unusual – a hiding place for fairies. Everything points out that it is really a fairy shelter so Rita starts right away with searching for hidden objects that will use her as proof that fairies really exist.


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    Fairy Shelter

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    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 16.07.2016
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