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    Sunset Mansion
    A girl meets a guy. You are best friends. Everything goes just perfect. The conversation goes great, you share same interests, like same things, like spending time together, why didn't you meet this person many years ago?! And one day something starts changing. Those butterflies start flying in your stomach, you wonder where he is when he is not around, you miss him every time he's not here, what if he is with someone else...?! Well those things point at something completely different – you're in love with your best friend! To cut a long story short, this could be a big trouble or a beginning of something truly great.

    This is actually the story of Joan as well. She has met Peter few months ago and they started their relationship as friends. Everything was completely platonic at the beginning but Joan started feeling something that could change their relationship forever. The whole things is good the way it is but she simply can't hide her feeling any more, she likes something more with Peter but telling him how she feels could destroy their friendship forever if doesn't feel the something similar which will raise the thins in a higher level.

    Joan didn't have the courage to admit Peter that she is in love with him yet, but she thinks that this weekend will be the weekend that will change their lives. She arrives in the mansion where she should meet Peter. Just before he arrives, Joan is checking out if everything is all right in those places she plans to visit with Peter. She also likes to collect few romantic objects and give them to Peter... Good luck you two!


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    Sunset Mansion

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    Genres: Romance
    Played: 119,126
    Published on: 19.07.2016
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    BluAngel (5 months ago):
    Worked perfectly. Happy  6-2017

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