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    Lost Angels
    People have the need to believe in something. That makes us living beings, we need to answer to a lot of question that we have unanswered.Sometimes when the science doesn't have an answer for the things, we take a step and look for help and for answers in the religion, in one of the hundreds and hundreds religions. And it comes time, when religion and other believes mix. So there are people with great power of helping other people.Stacy is a religious person and has special power to be able to talk to the angels.

    She believes that every living person has a guardian angel. The priest calles Ferdinand calls Stacy in his church and he needs her help. The thing is, in his church there are lost angels that can not find the right way and can't find the people that they need to protect. Because Stacy has the power to talk to them, she puts her self into a new mission, one of the hardest she has been into. When Stacy was little girl, all she wanted to do is play with her tous angels, her parents noticed her talent of being able to whisper to the angels when going to the church and they went to speak with the priest in the local church.

    He advised them to help her finds her way and not to cover her talent. Whenever the church has problem with some of the angels, they call Stacy. This time they need her help, too. Put yourself into Stacy's play, imagine that you are part of some science fiction movie and act as a guardian angel.It might be fun, don't you think?


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    Lost Angels

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    Genres: Mystery | Religion
    Played: 101,394
    Published on: 31.07.2016
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    jackfrost (10 months ago):
    BluAngel (1 year ago):
    Fantastic game. Played 6--2017

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