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    Happy Halloween
    Halloween had its beginnings in an ancient, pre-Christian Celtic festival of the dead. According to their calendar, the year began on a day corresponding to November 1st on our present calendar. The date marked the beginning of winter. Since they were pastoral people, it was a time when cattle and sheep had to be moved to closer pastures and all livestock had to be secured for the winter months. Crops were harvested and stored. The date marked both an ending and a beginning in an eternal cycle.The festival observed at this time was called Samhain. The Celts believed that at the time of Samhain, more so than any other time of the year, the ghosts of the dead were able to mingle with the living. People gathered to sacrifice animals, fruits, and vegetables. They also lit bonfires in honor of the dead, to aid them on their journey, and to keep them away from the living. On that day all manner of beings were abroad: ghosts, fairies, and demons - all part of the dark and dread.Samhain became the Halloween we are familiar with when Christian missionaries attempted to change the religious practices of the Celtic people.

    Game walkthrough: On this festival of the dead, we have a special Halloween task for you. Instead of going trick or treating, like every year, this year, to get your candy, you will need to do something different, but fun at the same time. You will need to find the scattered alphabet letters that are all over the screen. For each letter find, you get points, which we later turn into candy. What do you think? The more points you score, the more sweets you get. Be careful though, for every wrong move, your points will be reduced, which means your candy, too. So be sure that it is a letter that you are clicking on. Also, be careful and notice the messages that appear at the top of your screen every once in a while. Sometimes you will need to find a certain letter only, and if you happen to click on any other, you will again lose points.

    Game instructions: To play this interesting game you will need the use of your mouse, as well as your eagle eye. When you spot a letter, go over there with your mouse cursor and then click on it with your left mouse button. The letters you need to find are shown to you on the top of your screen, and once you find a certain letter, it becomes black on the list and this is how you know which letters you have already found and which you need to keep looking for. Also, on the top of your screen is where the messages with special tasks will appear, so keep an eye. For each correct click you get 100 points, and for every wrong one you lose 25 points. So make sure you make no wrong moves so that you can enjoy all the candy!!!


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    Happy Halloween

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    Published on: 12.01.2012
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