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    Sakuma Nature Reserve
    Judith is definitely an extraordinary girl. She is a biologist and all her life she has dedicated to studying nature or more precisely, studying humans, animals and bacteria and trying to get a better understanding of how the body works and how external factors influence each organism. She adores the nature and that's why she is so much concerned about the reason – consequence relations of everything that happens out there. She loves the nature in the whole but last years Judith has specialized in the field of endangered species. At this moment she has so global field of interest since those species are spread all over the world and she likes to take care to all of them.

    Currently Judith's job has taken her to the peninsula of Sakuma. She is here for the first time and she needs to start her exploring about the quality of the natural environment there. Judith has to find out if the conditions there are satisfying and if there is a chance the endangered species that live there to survive and perhaps to have satisfactory life. It is not about a big peninsula which means that Judith could have pretty nice overview of everything that is happening there but this doesn't mean that her job would be easy.

    Judith's engagement means exploring every point of the place in order to get most correct picture of everything that is going on there. That's why Judith will need some help from you. You will play this game as her assistant and you will go through all those exotic places located on the peninsula in order to collect as many information as possible about the quality of life offered there. We hope that you will enjoy your noble role and get best of it.


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    Sakuma Nature Reserve

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    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 02.08.2016
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    BluAngel (2 years ago):
    Beautiful scenes.  6-2017

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