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    Lonesome Shadows
    Everyone chooses to believe something. Some need the religion to fell comforting, to get a lot of answers to the ocean of questions, others choose the science to learn new stuff, to get to learn more about the world. There are people that don't want to believe in anything, the atheists actually are the greatest believers, because they don't give up of believing that there is nothing themselves. Supernormal things seem to be interesting for people that believe that there is truth and forces behind some people. They believe in deja vus, in supernatural forces or ghosts of people that have already passed away. Even some people are called mediums, and they can feel if someone is in hurt, or something bad would happen to the man. However, everyone is free to choose what or who to believe in.

    Like the person who is our main character in today's game. Zara doesn't believe in Gods, but surely believes in high forces, strong ghosts that can be destructive. She wants to help people, as well, that's why she has put her self into an important mission.

    One nice day, Zara visits Beverly's aunt farm. Beverly is Zara's best friend. There she collects stories about supernatural things. She has heard Beverly telling stories about the supernatural things and Zara was fascinated of them. The Indian tribe 'Shadow walkers' has put a curse over the farm, and therefore, shadows and ghosts appear on the farm. Zara needs to fight the curse and bring back the peace of the place again. She wants to tell that story to the world, you could help her do that. It might be an interesting experience fighting these ghosts.


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    Global rating: 4.3/5 from 3 players.

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    Lonesome Shadows

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    Genres: Mystery | Scary
    Played: 42,518
    Published on: 03.09.2016
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