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    Secondhand Treasure
    Going at work is the basic way for earning money for living. However, sometimes that money are not enough so people look for other ways to get to additional fees that will make their life easier. Some people look for a freelance job besides their regular job; others decide to try making money from their hobby while others use the traditional garage sale. This way of earning money is really useful for those who practice it but also for the people that need something that is not that important to be brand new.

    We buy so many things and sometimes we realize that those objects are not that necessary. They stay in our closets, keep our space, get dust and we don't need them but they could make some other people very happy.

    Jerry and Marie are young married couple. Before certain period of time they started living in Jerry's old family house. They like to renovate their home and decorate it on a modern way but they don't have enough money for this kind of an investment. They thought about the ways of earning some extra money so after a while Jerry got the idea to organize a garage sale, naming the whole event 'Secondhand Treasure'. In the game you will play in a role of Jerry and Marie's best friend that will come to their home and help them with the sale of the old belongings. Many customers arrived at their property so the garage sale could start every minute.


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    Secondhand Treasure

    Genres: ForFun
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    Published on: 25.01.2017
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    trout26805 (2 months ago):
    all games not loading

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