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    Serial Crime
    It was a terrible experience for the Roberts family the thing that has happened to them yesterday. They are all very calm people, accustomed to living in a quiet neighborhood and always doing things right but it seems that the crimes don't choose people according to their temper, actually no one deserves to be a victim of a crime! There has been a robbery in the house of the Roberts family and not any kind of a robbery but an armed robbery where the criminals kept the members of the family as hostages while they were doing the crime. The Roberts were very scared and after everything was over, they were very happy because no one ended hurt. After the crime made by masked criminals, the Roberts reported the case to the police so at the moment their house is full of professionals who collect evidences and try to do their best in order to solve this terrible crime.

    Detective Cindy is at the house at this moment. She analyzes the whole situation with aim to discover who is responsible for the robbery assuming that it could be a case of a serial crime. During the last months this neighborhood suffered few similar crimes. As a matter of fact in other five houses near the Robert's house, there have been similar situations. People who live there were also robbed and it seems that the thieves used the same method because all evidences point to that.

    Cindy likes to solve this case but she also hopes that the case will answer many questions related to the other robberies and help in solving of the other cases. Let's see what is going on there and help bringing the justice faster.


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    Serial Crime

    Genres: Mystery
    Played: 45,802
    Published on: 26.01.2017
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