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    Snow White Difference
    Which fairytale was your favorite when you were a child? Yes, I know it is difficult to make a choice and pick only one! There are so many enchanting stories and fairytales. You can at least think of five or six at the same time. So, let me help you, maybe Snow White and the seven Dwarfs, written by the Grimm Brothers? Well, it was my favorite too. I was kind of scared of the evil queen who was always looking herself in the mirror and asked it who was the most beautiful in the whole world. Of course she wanted to hear that she was the one, but the honesty of the mirror, saying that Snow White is even more beautiful than her, was making her really angry and jealous. So she disguised as an old lady and gave Snow White the poisonous apple that will kill her, but you know how this story goes onit is probably the most beautiful love story ever written

    Game Walkthrough:Well, my dear friendyou will have a chance once again to enter the world of Snow White! You will actually have a chance to look at those pictures depicting scenes of the story about Snow White. This time you will need to find all the differences between the two pictures. You should open your eyes wide and see what's missing and what's sufficient and click at that spot. But you must be very careful where you click, because if you click on a wrong spot it will decrease your score. So each correct hit brings you 5 points, while each wrong hit deducts 5 points. Look around thoroughly and notice the slight differences between the pictures. Yeah, you might think that they look exactly the same, but you are wrong, there are 6 differences. Well, let's see how good are you in this game, and measure the level of your attention to detail. Be aware of the time duration, because if you don't finish your task in the given time limit, you will have to play the level once again. You can also use a hint and you can see 'hint' at the down part of the game screen. So just click on it when you really can't find something! Here you can also see the level, time duration, and score. So come on, give your best and finish the whole game!!!

    Game Instructions: So, as you will see, this is one of those easy games to play, and all you need to do is to click with the left mouse button on the right spot and that's it! Even a little kid can play it! So take your mouse in your hand and find all the differences and spend a nice time watching those beautiful pictures!


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    Snow White Difference

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    Published on: 26.01.2012
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