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    Pearls Peril
    Pearl Wallace is a pilot and an adventurer, living in the 1930s. Her biggest passion is exploring the world. However, her own world was shattered and she was broken into pieces after hearing the most terrible news ever. She received the news of her fathers mysterious death. Supposedly, her father committed a suicide, but Pearl doesnt buy that story. She is determined to find the real reason for her fathers death.

    Pearl starts her journey to the strange island she inherited. This island is full of perilous secrets, and Pearl must reveal them in order to discover what exactly happened to her father. Her suspicions that something strange is going on turned out to be true. She confirmed her conspiracy theory when her grandfather Edwin Wallace, who was believed to be dead for many years, showed up at her fathers funeral. Edwin believes that one of the attendants killed his son and Pearls father, Samuel. That is how Pearl gets involved in this perilous mission located on the mysterious island.

    This is not only a hidden object game, you will be able to construct buildings, which will make the game even more interesting for you. This game will show you the most beautiful tropic landscapes and fill your heart with bravery. You will seek adventure more and more, and you will be eager to play together with Pearl, and discover the truth.


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    Pearls Peril

    Genres: Adventure
    Played: 118,259
    Published on: 22.09.2017
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    All comments (3)
    Pek-Inés (1 year ago):
    You are very creative! Itd be better if its possible to enlarge the screen because there a lot of elements in each one, thanks!
    bobby1 (1 year ago):
    yes this game is beautfull i realy love it i give you guys a big rating of 100% i will play this game over and over thank you very much
    BluAngel (1 year ago):
    Don't care for this one. : (