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    Hidden Alhpabets - TMNT
    TMNT HA? You might ask what TMNT stands for? But, probably you can guess! Yes, this is a game that is based on the story of the legendary Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the four brave anthropomorphic turtles that were given the names of the four masters of the Renaissance, probably the greatest artists of all time: Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael. Their master Splinter, who not only gave them their names, but he took care of them and learnt them the skills. But this time they are not fighting some evil forces that are threatening the citizens of New York City. Being a superhero does not mean that you should only directly confront the enemy. In fact, besides the martial arts and the use of specific kind of weaponry, they have also learnt many things from their master. Splinter, the Japanese rat, is not only an expert in martial arts but he is also a very experienced and very wise. Our friends are now in their headquarters in the New York underground canals. There you can join them in a special training that will help you improve your mental capacities, and that is something more powerful than physical strength. While they are having their favorite meal with cereals and pizza, you will be given the task to find the letters of the alphabet that are hidden around the whole place. To do that you will be given a magnifying glass and then you can start your new detective job. If you do not believe that this training method gives results, wait for a while and you will witness how your concentration, step by step, little by little, develops and how easily you will find the hidden letters. If you do it with some success it will mean that you are now ready to help the Ninja turtles as an expert for analytics. You will coordinate their actions and you will be giving the right information for each subsequent move they make. It is worth trying! You will never know if you don't try! So, let's go!

    Game walkthrough: HA stands for Hidden Alphabet. This particular game called Hidden Alphabets - TMNT is one of those games where it is required to point and click some hidden object. Assess your observing skill by finding the hidden alphabets which are in TMNT pictures. If you are not sure that you found something, avoid clicking unnecessarily because otherwise your score will be reduced. When you get to the 3rd level you will be given certain amount of time to find the chosen alphabet and after that otherwise the alphabet will disappear. You don't need luck but you should certainly have some fun!

    Game Instructions: This is a classic hidden object game that requires your full concentration and attention. What is expected of you is to be good in spotting the given letters of the alphabet. So, it is really easy to play this game in terms of controls. You should just use your mouse to move across the screen and click the left mouse button when you find some letter. Of course, you do not have unlimited time. You should be quick enough, but you should not hurry. As you progress with your training the letters will be more difficult to spot. Start now and find out whether you are good enough to join the Ninjas!


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    Hidden Alhpabets - TMNT

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    Published on: 19.02.2012
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