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    Different Picture 2
    Have you ever been in a situation in which at first you thought that some pictures are identical, after looking closely you realize that there are many differences between them? Of course, there are few things that we can say that they are identical. We usually use the word in many different situations, but in fact, we should know that there are really small chances for two things to be really identical. Take it for example the case of the human fingerprints. It is scientifically proven that even the fingerprints of father and son are different. The same thing we can say about the DNA structure. Knowing these things we might become more aware about the world around us. And in many different situations it is very important to have this ability to recognize the differences between things. In fact this is a game that offers you the possibility to improve the capacity of spotting tiny differences in the given pictures. This is not just a waste of time you can really benefit playing this kind of games. If you do not believe in this, let me tell you a story about a friend who once started playing this games and he was really good at it. He could show all the difference in just a few seconds and no one was even trying to challenge him. Now he works for the special department for solving very difficult cases of crime. He is one of the top detectives in the police. He was given many awards and medals for the successful work. Andy should have in mind that all begun with playing some simple games that step by step he mastered. Do you think that you can do that? You should try, of course, and you will see than that this can be very useful. You will train your eye and your mind and no matter what you do in life, this will help you for sure.

    Game walkthrough: You will be given two pictures that at first glance seem identical. But, they are not. The one of the left side is the true one, and that on the right side is the one that has some differences. There are either some additional elements, or there is lack of some of the elements on the original picture. Or maybe, something is there, but is in different position. There are many differences between them and your task is to find all of them in the given time frame. You have only 60 seconds to complete the task, and you are allowed to make less than 5 mistakes. If you are wrong about something don't just click around. It would not help you do it right. You should look carefully all around the picture and go through any detail if you want to solve the mystery of the differences.

    Game Instructions: The controls of this games are very simple. You only need your mouse to move across the screen and find some difference between the pictures. Then you should just click the left mouse button on the element that you think differs. If you click on the picture outside the real differences you will lose one of the five lives that you are given at the start. Try to be quick at spotting things, and remember to look the both pictures.


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    Different Picture 2

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