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    Gimme 5
    Im sure you have seen spot the difference game. Its a kind of game where you have to notice all the difference between two pictures. At the first glance, these pictures are almost identical. But, if you look at them really carefully you can notice the tiny differences between the first picture and the second one.

    Game Walkthrough: In this game youll have opportunity to test your observation skills. Well, you are given two pictures placed side by side and you will have to find all the differences in the right picture. Actually, you will need to find 5 differences for a time period of one minute. If you get stuck in the game, you can use a joker to help you. In the right top corner you can see how many jokers you can use to continue playing this game. Clicking at the screen without hitting the target will reduce your time. So, be careful. Enough talkinglets see how fast you are at playing these kinds of games!!!

    Game Instruction: Im sure you can handle playing this game without reading the game instructions. In case you dont know how to play, I will give you explanation. Once you have noticed the difference at the right picture, move the cursor at that place and click at that spot using the left mouse button. Hurry up!!! The game is waiting for you.


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    Gimme 5

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    Published on: 15.04.2012
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    bobby1 (3 years ago):
    boo boo boo on spanish ads this is the 6 th one this morning