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    Do you like art? Have you ever wanted to become an artist? Well, in order to become an artist, you should have a great talent! But it is not just the talent that matters, you should work a lot and you should have a really sharp eye in order to notice things that other people can't! Do you think you have all of these things? Well, in this game called Pirate's paintings you are going to meet a pirate artist who has lost his eye in one of those overseas battles! You know, he really wants to paint and he is very fond of the world famous masterpieces like Leonardo da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa', Picasso's painting called 'the young ladies of Avignon'! So he tried to make copies of those paintings, but things are going very hard for him because he is one eyed now and he can't see some slight details. That's why he needs your help!

    Game Walkthrough: In this amusing spot the difference kind of game your task is to help the pirate to find the differences between the two paintings. Let's check how good you are in this, let's see how sharp is your eye and whether you have an eye for detail! As soon as you start the game you will see two identical paintings! But ask yourself whether they are really identical?!? Well, although they look like that, they are not the same. One of them is the original and the other one is the copy that the pirate made. Look at it thoroughly and carefully and you will see one slight difference. Well, this slight detail might not be visible right away, but give your best and you are definitely going to find it. As soon as you find the difference you should place the mouse cursor on the exact place and click on it. The good thing about this game is that you are not time limited, so you can scan the surface for as long as you need. When you find the difference in one painting, you will automatically go to the next one and so on. In this game you will see many famous masterpieces! You will some of the paintings by the greatest of all modern artists, the Spaniard Pablo Picasso; you will also see a painting by the French surrealist Rene Magritte, the greatest artist and inventor of all times Leonardo da Vinci and many others. Basically it is not that difficult to find the differences in the presented paintings of this game if compared to some other hidden object games where you need to find 10-15 differences in an overcrowded place etc. And by the way you will have a chance to enjoy looking at these great works of art! You know, this pirate will be very grateful if you point the differences, because he really wants to make them look identical!

    Game Instructions: This game is so simple to play. The only thing you need is your computer mouse. It is spot the difference kind of game so the only thing you should do is to place the mouse cursor at the right spot where the error is and click on it! It's simple as that! Come on my friend, help the artist pirate and who knows, maybe one day you will become a worldwide famed artist!?!


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    Pirates Paintings

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    Published on: 03.05.2012
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