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    SpongeBob Differences
    I am sure that if you are a regular player of these online games, you have probably already run into a game with the character of Sponge Bob. And if you have never watched the cartoon about him, you probably already know something about this little, yellow sponge. So I am not going to waste your time in explaining who he was, or what he had done, and why is he popular, I am only going to tell you in short that he is a very famous cartoon which kids love to watch, and it involves Sponge Bob, he is the main character, but there are some other interesting characters as well. What is interesting about the cartoons is that they always get into some trouble and adventure and have fun while it lasts. So, now, let us see what kind of adventure awaits us in this game.

    Game walkthrough: Today, we are going to look for some hidden objects. First, you are going to need to choose the level you wish to play in. You can choose from one to twelve. However, in order to choose the levels, you will need to go through all of them, in orderly manner, so you will need to start with level number one. Once you open the level, you will see two almost identical pictures. Yet, they possess several differences that you are going to need to spot. For this, you are definitely going to need your eagle sight. Once you find all the differences, you can move onto the next level, but not before that. And you need to know that the time is of great importance in this game, so if you run out of time and you still havent found all the differences, you will need to start from scratch. But, we havent left you completely on your own. If you get really suck, you can always use the hints we offer. But be careful, you only have three on disposal, so make sure you use them on something really important and hard.

    Game instruction: Since this is a game of spot the differences, all you are going to need is your mouse. To choose the level, you will need to click on the desired one with your left mouse button. Once you start the game, you will need to go over the pictures with your mouse and when you notice a difference, you will need to click on it with your left mouse button. As you find the differences, the stars in the bottom of the screen will turn yellow, so this way you will know how many differences you have got left. Also, on the bottom of the game screen is the icon for hints, and it has the number shown, three hints, so as you use them up, the number will decrease. On the bottom left corner is the score, and right next to it is the time, so you should keep an eye on that as well, while on the other side, the bottom right corner, you will notice the pause and back icons. So, having all this information in mind, I think that you are ready to embark on this interesting adventure with our popular star, Sponge Bob.


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    SpongeBob Differences

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    Published on: 08.05.2012
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