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    Cat and Fish
    It has appeared that hidden object games are really useful for small kids but also for adults. Besides the fact that they are really interesting to play, they help people develop their observational skills what is also one really important aspect of our everyday life. And what follows is another game of this type where you will have to detect the differences that appear between two pictures.

    Game Walkthrough: And as you see the theme of those two pictures that are in front of you is a cat and fish. It is actually about the same photography but some of the objects from the left side, do not appear on the right side and your job is to detect those items. The number of the differences between the both pictures is 7 and the time available for doing that is 60 seconds. It may happen not to see all the differences at the first moment because they are not tiny but they are not so obvious but if you concentrate well, you wont have any problems. And also you may try the game many times, till you finally complete it to the end or set yourself higher point, to solve the pictures faster than the time given. Also you can play the game together with some of your friends and compete between each other for higher score (better time).

    Game Instructions: So, two pictures (or more precisely two variants of one picture), and 7 differences to be found in 60 seconds. Look good and try to find them all so you can pass the game. Once you spot some of the differences, just click it using the left mouse click and thats it. Since the commands are so easy, this game would be great even for smaller children, considering that they will love the picture too.


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    Cat and Fish

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    Published on: 09.05.2012
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