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    The Ocean Fantasy
    The great thing about the ocean is the diversity in its flora and fauna. So, if you ever decide to go scuba diving, you are going to be overwhelmed with all the beautiful things you will see in the ocean, all the coral reefs, different kinds of fish, the colors, the small creatures, everything is just amazing. And if you are lucky enough, you will get to see the most amazing creatures of the ocean, the dolphins, and if you do, you are going to wish to live there forever.

    Game walkthrough: So, the reason this game is called the ocean fantasy is exactly because of this that I have just described. The ocean is like a fantasy with all its colors and amazing creatures living in it. And in this game, you will get to see a lot of them. You are going to see pairs of pictures, which will seem identical to you in the beginning, but once you get a closer look, you will notice some differences. And this will be your job to find all the differences between the two pictures, if you want to go to the next pair. The time is of great importance, so besides the fact that you will need to find all the differences, you will need to do so in the given amount of time, or else you will need to start over.

    Game instructions: Once you spot a difference between the two pictures, you will need to go to the spot with your mouse cursor and then click on it with your left mouse button. When you do this, the difference will disappear. You should do this for every difference you find. Once you find all the differences, you can move to the next level. Keep a close eye on the time, which is shown on the bottom of your game screen. Other than that, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful ocean scenery!


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    The Ocean Fantasy

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    Published on: 10.05.2012
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