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    It is the city of Bedrock, the place where all adventures of the Flintstones happen. Set in the stone age, this series follow the lives and the adventures of those interesting characters Fred (who is the main character and the head of the Flintstones clan), his wife Wilma (who is often smarter than her husband but she has this bad habit, she spends too much money), the cute baby Pebbles (she is actually a daughter of Fred and Wilma) and the two strange pets Dino, who is a dinosaur that barks as a dog, and Baby Puss that is actually a saber-toothed cat. Neighbors of the Flintstones family are the Rubbles, and they are their good friends too. So now since you know those things about the Flintstones, you may continue with the game that follows and is related with those characters. And we are not going to tell you stories about them, we will let the pictures speak for themselves while you are going to find differences

    Game walkthrough: This is a typical find the difference game in which your task will be to find the differences that appear between two given pictures. Here is how are the things conceptualized. There is one picture that includes some part of the life of those Stone age people and you will see two variants of the picture, positioned one to another. We cant say which one of these two pictures is the original because there are some spots that are different and altered on the left one, but also there are some on the right one. For finding a difference you get 100 points but if you think that you have found something, but you are actually wrong, you will lose points but also you lose lives. There is a certain number of lives which are actually the number of wrong moves. The thing is that sometimes it could happen that you see the difference but you havent spotted it right so you lose life again in that situation. The target is to find all 6 differences that can be detected on each picture in a shortest period of time. If you are too slow that doesnt mean that youll lose the game, the game can be lost with losing your lives, but it means that you wont have high score, so do your best to pass all levels. If you dont find all the differences in the pictures, you cant move to the next level, you are stuck in the current one as long as you dont find it. The differences are quite small and they are not so obvious from first, so you should look well to find them. Know that there is no hint available in the game, so everything is up to you. Forget about the time that is ticking away, just aim to find the differences and see what is waiting for you in the next level.

    Game instructions: So its time for you to check out your observational skills. We are not asking from you to go to the doctor to check out your sight, it is simply about this game that asks from you to realize all the small details. We cant give you glasses or loop, so you are on your own, observe good and let the game begin! The game will be played with the mouse, so when you spot a difference in some of the pictures, use the left mouse button and click with it on the difference. You should be really precise with this click because otherwise your detection wont count and you will lose a life. thats it, now you may start playing!


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    Published on: 12.05.2012
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    bobby1 (3 years ago):
    this game is an insult to the flint stones its no good they should remove it