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    Bike Finish Line
    Its time for another excellent hidden object game, dedicated especially for the ones that are fond of bike and bike racings, but that doesnt mean that those that are not into this kind of things wont enjoy playing it. And what is the most exciting moment in one race? Yes we may say that the whole race is interesting to watch, but its for sure that there is most adrenaline at the finishing point, where all racers approach to the finishing line and all viewers are questioning themselves who is going to be the winner of the race. In this point may also happen everything. It may seem that is someone has the trophy and he will definitely reach to the end first, but many times happens someone from behind suddenly to step up and change the things in an instance.

    Game Walkthrough: So this game catches exactly that moment when all the riders are one step from the finish line. It is very nice picture in which is presented a racing truck and its surroundings, together with the bike races in their main action. Your task in this situation will be to find the numbers that are hidden in that picture. Its about the numbers from 1 to 15 and for every found number you earn 10 points. Every wrong move, every mistake that you can make, costs you 10 points less, so try to avoid random clicks and be always precise. Also know that if you make a mistake, huge letters will come out saying wrong click and they may scare you a bit because they appear unexpected, but dont let that discourage you. Your playing has a time limitation, you have in total 300 seconds for finding all the numbers and you better be quick in doing that. If it happens your time to end up, you will lose the game. At first sight its almost impossible to see the number but thats why there is a loop that will make them more visible. Pass with the loop all over the whole picture, and examine every spot carefully, and you find all needed numbers. At the bottom of the picture there is a list on the numbers and once you find some of them, it turns yellow while before it was black. Thats how youll know which numbers are left to be found, and on searching which numbers you should concentrate. After you finish the first level, there are other levels waiting for you in which the number of the hidden numbers that should be found in the scene will be bigger, while the given time will be again 300 seconds, but that sounds like e double challenge, is that right? Also know that you have 3 hints available in every level so try to use them smart and in the right moment.

    Game Instructions: And now check out the controls for playing this game. First know that the loop is automatically given, it is united with the mouse cursor, so as you pass over the picture with the cursor, moving the mouse, that spot will be increased, so you can look better. Once you spot some of the numbers that are wanted, just click on it using the left mouse click and thats it. The mouse will be used for selecting all the needed things. You will be using the left mouse button for selecting hint, and also to pause the game when you feel that you need a break and little relaxing of your eyes. So thats it. now its up to you to show us your observational skills.


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    Bike Finish Line

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    Published on: 18.05.2012
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