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    Lost Numbers 6
    Some people have very highly developed ability to observe things and they are especially good in spotting hidden objects. What do you think, are you one of them or not? To get the answer to that question, it is time to test your ability and see how well you can find hidden objects, numbers or whatever. You can find many different games that require from you to activate the maximum capacities of your sight, but they are different form one another, offering different situations and images to look at. Indeed there are not so many games that will give you something to really enjoy in. This time you will have the opportunity to see some nice and cute photographs of adorable animals. And which is your favorite. Maybe some cute little kitten, who knows? You're right! This is a special set of photos with cute little cats that are playing in the fields of grass and flowers. You should know that it is very important to have something pleasant to look at, because you really spent some time looking at it, while trying to find all the hidden objects. In a way, it will help you focus on the task, and even give you the opportunity to have a nice time doing that. And what can be better than the option to play and enjoy without any risks. The answer we can give at this point is very simple - Nothing! If you are in,, then we can immediately take you directly in the wonderful place where the cute little cats are playing on the fields of grass! You will be delighted at first glance!

    Game Walkthrough: There is no some unattainable goal in this game. In fact it is very simple. There is only one requirement - if you find all the missing numbers from 1 to 15 that are scattered all around the picture, and you do that in each picture, well, then you will complete this game successfully. What is important to know is that all the numbers are in different color and in different size. They are well hidden in the background color, and put in very interesting places. The numbers usually have the same color as the background, so you should try really hard to spot them. At the bottom of the screen there is a line with the numbers. They will disappear, one by one, from the line as soon as you click on those numbers. You can start with any of the numbers, and it is not important to find them in the exact order. So, that means that you have the freedom to scan the picture and only click when you are sure that you found something. On the bottom right you can see the timer that is counting up your time, so it means that if you finish earlier you will have more points. But, at the beginning just try to get used to the game and there is no need to hurry. It is important to relax and play it with enjoyment. Try to look carefully and do not click the left mouse button too often because the cat on the upper left corner will get angry. And you don't like to disappoint it, right? The rules are simple, the game is nice! So are you in?

    Game Instructions: The mouse and its left button will be your only tool. In fact, it will be your magnifying glass. So, move the cursor across the screen and then just click the left mouse button on the numbers as soon as you spot some of them. If you prove that you can spot the numbers more quickly you will get more points. It is important not to give up very early, because in that case, you will be out of the game. You like challenges and you will go to the end. Right?


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    Lost Numbers 6

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    Published on: 21.05.2012
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