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    Every child likes to be part of some interesting stories and fairytales. You are probably not different from the others in that respect. It is so natural to be drawn by the mysteries. It comes at no surprise the fact that children like to play the popular hide and seek game. So what we have here is a chance to join the story of Thumbelina through pictures, and in the meantime to be engaged in a very interesting hidden numbers game! The whole point in this game is to test your observing skills and to find all the numbers hidden in the story. All the numbers are painted in different color and they are all hidden very well. But why the numbers are placed on those specific places? Maybe there is something deeper under the decision to place them exactly where they are? Well, we won't reveal that at this point, but it is good to know that many ancient nations believed that the numbers have some kind of magical power and that each of them is connected to different abilities and hidden knowledge. Maybe you will find out more while playing this game. Maybe you will get some ideas, or maybe you will be inspired to make some research about the meaning of the numbers. Or, maybe that hidden knowledge will remain hidden. Who knows? But, now it is important to join this game and have some fun!

    Game Walkthrough: At the very beginning you must observe the numbers and to think of the possible places where you can find them. The one and only goal in this game is to find the numbers hidden in the fairy tale Thumbelina pictures on your screen. The numbers from 1 to 20 are well hidden on very interesting places on the picture. To find the numbers hidden in the pictures of the story about Thumbelina, you should observe keenly. You will notice that the numbers are colored the same color as the background. For example some of the numbers are hidden in the green grass, others are hidden in the blue skies, and yet another maybe on the clothes of the girl or maybe even on the animals that are also present in this beautiful picture. Look carefully at any object on the picture and especially at the ones that are consisted of many parts, as for example the many trees in the garden etc. Try to click only when you are sure that you are on the right place, because clicking unnecessarily will cause the loss of 100 points. When you reach the third level it will be asked of you to find the numbers in a given time frame. You must do it as quick as possible, because otherwise the number will disappear. And you won't have a chance to ask for a hint! You must do it all alone and by yourself.

    Game Instructions: Playing this game requires only the use of the mouse. Move the mouse across the screen and click on the left mouse button when you arrive upon some of the hidden numbers. Look around carefully and you will complete the task without any problem!


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    Published on: 27.05.2012
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