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    Historical Hidden Numbers
    Have you ever been on a research mission at a historical place? Lets be honest, its a pleasure and an honor to even step to a historical place and to get a chance to conduct a research mission, thats precious. Well in this online virtual game, we are giving you the opportunity to do just that. Will you take it or will you back down?

    Game Walkthrough:Welcome to this historical place and you won get the chance to walk around and have fun in this place. In here you are on a mission. At the right side of the screen you have a list of numbers that are scattered all over the place and you need to find them. Their locations are against the laws of gravitation and even the laws of logic so use only your perception skills to spot them. When you do, just click on the number and it will disappear from the picture. With every right click you get 100 points. But dont think that you can click all over the place and win the game with that dirty strategy because with every missed click we will reduce your score for 10 points. So, of course think before you click. Also the real challenge is to complete your task as soon as possible. So be aware that the time is ticking and you need work fast. Dont waste even a second because that can cost you the first place.

    Game Instructions:You can play this game only with the help of the computer mouse. When you start first you need to do is read the instruction part. Afterwards, you can begin with the game. So, when you spot a certain number on the list then move the mouse over it and click on the left button. As, weve said previously the number will disappear from the picture and you will get 100 points. So, go on and check how perceptive you are. Historical Hidden Numbers is waiting for you!


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    Historical Hidden Numbers

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    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 27.05.2012
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