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    Animal prison Break
    This is a story about the rabbit and the turtle. But this is not some story or fable, where they are competing for something. They are friends and they are together in trouble. They are kept locked in a child's room in a castle far away. They are tortured there, because the stupid girl does not understand that they are not toys, but real live beings and they have feelings. They were constantly humiliated by the girl so they can not stand to be there any more. Every second for them seems as a year in that prison. One night, the girl took the rabbit out of the cage by his ears and started playing with it as if it was a kind of a doll. She dressed the rabbit in a girls dress and she then put some make up. The turtle friend was laughing at him, but the situation was very serious. Then the rabbit proposed to his friend to escape from this terrible castle, and go to an island in the southern seas. But how can they do that? Well, while was out of the cage, the rabbit spotted the key that can unlock the door and help them escape their miserable destiny. So, the decision was made and they finally did it. They unlocked all the doors and run away. The poor turtle was struggling to run, but his rabbit friend did not leave him behind. They finally reached the nearby town and then went straight to the forest. There they met some friends. The blue squirrel showed them the way to the shore. Well, they are very close to their final destination. As friends will always do, they used their abilities to continue the journey together. The little turtle is a very good swimmer so it carried the rabbit on the top of its shell. But the rabbit found a vessel on the shore and also helped to move faster. So, they finally arrived on the island of their dreams and now they are enjoying on the beautiful beach, far, far away from the dangers and the terrible life that they left behind. Well, now you know the whole story as it should end, but you should make it happen!

    Game Walkthrough: In this difference spotting game you will have to look very carefully for all the differences in the two pictures that are part of an extraordinary adventure. The story is really fun and you will get to see it if you manage to clear out all the pages. The animals will try to break out of the prison and if you are curious to find out what they did, you should get on with it and find the hidden objects. They need your help so better be good! They waited for this chance so long, so be the one that will help them be part of a story with happy ending!

    Game Instructions: To play this game you should use your mouse. Look carefully and try to find the differences in the both pictures. As soon as you find something, just click the left mouse button to clear the difference. You will immediately see the change. Do not click around if you are not sure about it. Try to do it quickly, because maybe the girl will find out and will start looking for them. Do not let her take them back in that dungeon in the castle.


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    Animal prison Break

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    Published on: 28.05.2012
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