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    Final Destination
    This is another test for your observing skills. Do you think you are good at spotting details? Well, here you have a real chance to prove that! You know well that especially on a construction sites things are pretty messy, so you really need a good eye to spot the things you need at the moment. The workers are very busy so they need some help around! To do the job, you must be focus on the whole picture, and that is the only way to complete the project! So, what do you say about joining the team and help them complete their job? Yes as an answer will mean that you are ready for the challenge and that you have enough self-confidence. You are on the right place pall, so get yourself prepared for the new job!

    Game Walkthrough: The goal in this Final Destination theme puzzle game is to find 8 differences on each level. It means that you must watch carefully the two images to do what is required. The differences are so minute that it will take a really focused scanning of the two pictures to complete the task. You will be given 100 points for each right click and 50 points will be deduced for all the wrong clicks. Prepare yourself because it won't be easy! You only have 3 lives so don't make to many mistakes. If you do that game will be over for you. Complete all the levels as quick as you can, and you will earn even more points.

    Game Instructions: The mouse will be your only tool for completion of the task. Just move the mouse cursor across the screen and then click the left mouse button to check the difference on the pictures. This is just a beginning, so go ahead right now!


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    Final Destination

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    Published on: 28.05.2012
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