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    Do you like when it's raining? Have you ever wondered how the rain appears? Do you know that the rain is responsible for the fresh water we have on earth, which means that it is very important part for the whole ecosystem! By the way all the trees, flowers and all the natural beauties you see around you would not be able to exist without water, without the rain. By the way, anything on earth would not be able to exist without water. It's is the crucial element of our life! So, now you will have a chance to meet the little girl called Waya, who is learning how to rain! Yeah, it might sound a little strange, but anyway, follow the story of this little cute girl and see what it is all about! But here you will have some tasks. Yeah, you will have to find some differences, so as you are following the interesting story or this rain girl, you will be able to assess your observing skills. So, come on, let's see how sharp is your eye?!?

    Game Walkthrough: In this amusing 'spot the difference' kind of game you will have a chance to follow the story of Waya the little cloud-girl. By the way, today is her birthday so everything has to be just right. But still, there are some slight differences between the pictures in the storybook that are not so perfect and you have to change that and to make these entire pictures equal. Try to observe them watchfully and recognize the differences in them, whilst continuing the narrative. You will be able to go through the chapters of this awesome story about Waya the little cloud girl. Actually, you will start with the first chapter where and you will be given two picture in which you need to find all the differences in order to be able to go to the next chapter and see what's going on there. In the first chapter or let's call it the first challenge, you will have to find 5 differences. You will see 5 blue umbrellas in a teardrop at the bottom left corner of the game screen, and as soon as you spot the difference with your mouse cursor, it will turn into pink color. The second chapter is about her birthday. So, you will see the lovely cake and other birthday stuff around. The third chapter is about school time. Oh, yeah, after the presents and the birthday cake, it is time to prepare for the first rain class. Oh, this is very exciting, but still Waya is a little bit nervous, although Cuddle Bunny tells her not to worry about anything! So, you should continue till you get to the last chapter, so be persistent, because this is the only way to get to the end of the story. Ok, so for each challenge you have a minute and a half to find all the differences in the pictures, so you better hurry, because the time is running away. Those differences can refer to the some things that are missing on the picture or are sufficient; that they have a different position; that has a different color etc. So, however, you should open your eyes wide and find all of them in the given amount of time.

    Game Instructions: Since this is a spot the difference game, you only need the help of your computer mouse to play this interesting game. So, come on! Take it in your hand and click on the differences with the left mouse button. That's all you need to do! Be careful and observant and you'll definitely succeed to find them all! Good luck my dear friend and have lots of fun!!!


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    Waya Storybook

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