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    Cezanne Difference
    History of art is a really interesting field of interest that contains different interpretations of the transformations that has happened in the art through the years. But also there are many people that concern that there is not a reason to talk about art since the artistic pieces speak about themselves. In the following game you will see 6 pictures from the French painter Paul Czanne but we are going to let you give the interpretation of his work because we are sure that youll give a good one, but just to acquaint you with the things, we will tell you few fundamental things about him. Cezanne had artistic interest from very early age but his father didnt agree with that. When he was young he doubts about his talents and thats why he had destroyed many canvases. He was comparing himself with already famous authors, thinking that he is not good enough as they are, and this thought was putting him in depression. He left painting for a one year and he worked with his father, but then again decides to start painting. At the beginning his works were dark but that changes after he meets the French painter Camille Pissarro. Czanne wasnt so well accepted in his life but after that he was very respected and concerned as one of the great forerunners of modern painting. Well you already know too much, so lets move to the pictures.

    Game Walkthrough: This game will offer you six paintings from this great author. We are talking about a really big name so there is no doubt that you may not like his works, and if you are already familiar with his work, youll definitely gona love this game. But we are not going to be just passive viewers in the game, it will ask from you to apply some activity by finding the differences between two pictures. So you will get one painting in two variants. Its actually the same painting but on the right side there are some points missing. Your job is to find what is different between the two pictures and there are five differences in every set. Everything its up to you and you couldnt count on hint for this game because there is not an option for that but on other hand, you have unlimited time to find the differences. This means that you dont lose points if you are slow in detecting, so take your time and besides of finding the spots, enjoy watching the wonderful paintings. And one more thing that is not so evident in the game but it will help you a lot. You see the game and the paintings in one particular size but at the right upper corner there is one small sign, something like 4 arrows pointing in different ways, put in one small circle. By selecting these arrows you will switch the game to a full screen and that is more than helpful when you are supposed to find so tiny details in those paintings. We are wishing you to get to the last picture!

    Game Instructions: This game doesnt differ from the other games of this type in the controls. When you find something that doesnt fit, just click on it using the left mouse click. Just know that the differences should be pointed on the right picture and if you click on the left picture, that move doesnt count. For selecting the full screen mode, youll be also using the left mouse click.


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    Cezanne Difference

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