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    China Differences
    Have you ever been to China? Well, the virtual world gives you almost indefinite chances to visit and see how it is in these far and mystical lands. In this game we are taking you to China. But using the internet you can see so many places in the world from the comfort of your home. Although its better to go there, this will have to do for now, until you collect enough money for the real trip.

    Game Walkthrough:In this game you have a specific task to do. So, you have two China-inspired pictures one next to the other. You have to find the small differences between the two of them. Yes, the things that separate these two pictures are so small and you need to look into the small stuff to find them. At first glance it looks like the pictures are the same but when you start your search you will realize that this is not the case. Put on your headphones and enjoy the chines music while you are playing the game. That will give you extra motivation and also make you enjoy the chines world even more. So, the task is to move your mouse over the difference when you spot it and click on it. If you think that you can click all over the picture and find them that way then just think again. With every missed click, we will reduce the time that you have at your disposal to finish the task. During China Differences, you have to go through 10 beautiful pictures of Ancient China. Well, are you up for this type of a challenge?

    Game Instructions:All you need from the technical aspect to play this game is your computer mouse. Move it all over the picture and when you find a difference place the arrow over it and click on the left button. Its that simple. The next thing you should do is press play and get into Ancient China!


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    China Differences

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    Published on: 03.06.2012
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