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    Love Differences
    There are many people dreaming about a love story in real life like the one Alan and Cindy had. What is so special about their relationship, you may ask. Well, we should go back in time to see how all begun. Alan and Cindy have known each other since they were little. They went to school together and had a lot in common. Every afternoon after school, they would meet up with their two best friends in the park. Their friends, Joe and Claudia, were in the same grade as them. Joe was in love with Cindy, but it was unrequited love, because Cindy was secretly in love with Alan. Then when they were teenagers their love was to be expressed. Although Alan and Cindy were in love with each other, neither of them knew it. One afternoon in the park where they usually met, Alan wanted to be alone with Cindy, because he had something important to tell her. Alan was nervous and unsure of himself, because he wasn't the most popular guy in school and he was insecure. That afternoon, Alan declared his love to Cindy and she, very surprised, said that she loved him, too. Over the years, Alan and Cindy kept going out together and they were happy. The prom was a very special and magical day for them. Alan had turned into a tall and slender young man and Cindy looked like a princess. That night they were the stars of the party. Alan was planning on asking her to live with him when they were on the school trip at the end of the year. But he was having a hard time finding the chance to ask her, because they were always surrounded by their classmates. One Day Alan asked Cindy if they could go somewhere to be alone, because he had something important to say. And that's what happened: Alan, with a rose in his hand, asked Cindy if she would live with him. After a few months, Alan and Cindy went to live together happily. Alan started to work and Cindy combined her job with her studies. One of the most important dates for them was in winter, when the first snow of the year started to fall and they gazed at it together through the window. It reminded them of their childhood: when they met for the first time, it was also snowing. Alan and Cindy lived together happily for a few years: so many happy times together left them with lots of memories and, of these, lots of pictures that showed their happiness. The pictures showed how they celebrated their years together, and the tips they enjoyed when on vacation in different tropical countries... They had a very happy life, but they dreamed of getting married some day.

    Game Walkthrough: The main goal in this game is to spot all the differences that are about love. At the beginning you should choose the difficulty of the level. There are three options that you should choose from: Easy, normal and Difficult. Every level offers you two pictures form a different moment of the lives of Alan and Cindy. On each level there are four differences that you should spot and point to. There are also some pieces of a puzzle, that you can not clearly see, but you will know what is on it when you complete it with all the pieces. If you successfully finish all the levels and clear all the differences, you will bring back a memory from their childhood. Probably it is not 14th of February, but anyway, Happy Valentine's day to all those in love!

    Game Instructions: Playing this game requires the use of the mouse. Spot the differences in the pictures and ten click the left mouse button to clear them. Enjoy this wonderful love story and try to learn something from it!


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    Love Differences

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    Published on: 03.06.2012
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    Bev1962 (11 months ago):
    why do u still post games that need flash player & it's no longer available.  Love difference games but can't play

    Bev1962 (11 months ago):
    why do u still show games that need flash player when it's no longer available.  love the difference games but can't play them