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    Vivid Dreams
    Do you want to assess you observing skills? Do you think you have a sharp eye? Well, let's see! Start this game called Vivid Dreams - 5 differences and you will be able to find out how good you are?

    Game Walkthrough: This is an excellent game that will give you a chance to test your attention to detail! So, come on, start it right now! By the way, the pictures are very beautiful and you will have a feeling that you dream something very nice and pleasant. So, yeah, you will be given 2 pictures that at first sight looks like they are identical. But look closer! If you try to look better, you will notice some slight differences and your task is to find all of them. And as the title of the game suggests, there are 5 differences in each level. So, if you find all of them in the first level, you will be able to go the next one and do the same here. Each correct click brings you 25 points, while each wrong click will reduce your score for 5 points. So, do you think you can find those five differences in each set of pictures? I hope you do! But don't give up too soon, give your best and try to find all of them. Well, yeah, a little effort is needed! Those pictures are almost the same, but not quite. Can you spot all five of the subtle edits that have been made? At the bottom part of the game screen you will be able to see the score, the level and the time, the number of differences left, the music and sound icons and in the middle you will see 'reveal', which refers to help. So, if you need help, you should click here.

    Game Instructions: As in almost all of the hidden object games, in this one you also need to use only your mouse to play. So, you just have to point the mouse cursor at the right spot (as soon as you notice a difference in both pictures) and click on the left mouse button. When you do this, your job is done, so you should continue doing this with the rest of the differences on the pictures. Well, enjoy in this nice game my dear friend!!!


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    Vivid Dreams

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    Genres: ForFun
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    Published on: 14.06.2012
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