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    Ice Heart
    All people from all age and races will agree that there is nothing more beautiful and more precious in life then friendship and love. You may have a lot of money but if you dont have those two things, your life will be empty and unsatisfactory.

    Game Walkthrough: This game will last longer since there are so many interesting levels that include so cute pictures of love and friendship. Your achievement in the game is tracked, so you may get to some point and then place the game in bookmarks and play it today, then tomorrow, then the following day In every level you get two pictures with some differences. Actually that is the same picture with two different variants. They differ between each other in five spots that should be detected. It doesnt matter which of these pictures is the original since in the first there is lack of one thing, in the second of other, so you should observe the both pictures good in order to find what is missing. The point of the game is to find the differences as fast as possible since that way you could earn a lot of points. The game gives you a chance to use a hint, but that hint is not open at the beginning of the game. There is one field where is written reveal and you should wait for this field to become full and then use it. By choosing this option you will get some sparkling dust at the place of the wanted difference. After youve used the help, you are supposed to wait for some period of time so the bar becomes full again, and then go for other help.

    Game Instructions: Most important for this game is to open your eyes good and find all 5 differences that appear on the pictures. Just look for the details carefully and there wont be any problem. When you see some different spot, take the mouse and click on that spot by using the left mouse button. When youll do that, if you have clicked at the right place, these two spots will become same in both pictures and you will get points for that. Continue searching till you find all 5 differences.


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    Ice Heart

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    Genres: Romance | ForFun
    Played: 50,346
    Published on: 15.06.2012
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