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    Good morning 5 differences
    For many people the morning is the most beautiful period of the day. We are not talking about waking up early in the morning because of some obligation, no one likes to do that, but there is something special in those moments when everything is still quiet and peaceful because most of the people are still sleepy, drinking their coffee at home. The following game includes exactly this type of pictures, that shine with their calmness. Empty office where everything is on its place because there is no one there, but however has some spirit, some pictures of a village in this period of the day, the room of the writer who is still sleeping

    Game Walkthrough: And if you are wondering what will you do with those pictures, the answer is the following youll be finding differences. You get two variants of one picture and those variants differ between each other in 5 differences. Your job in the game is to find these differences as quick as possible and earn a lot of points. We are aware that at first sight the pictures look same with if you look little bit better, you would see those tiny details that appear different. For every found item you get 25 points but if you make a wrong move or a random click, you will lose 25 points. if you get stuck in some point, there is a chance to use a hint but first you will have to wait for a while, the hint bar(reveal field) to gets full, and then get it. in every level you have few chances for hint, but you should wait every time as well. when you have chosen to use a hint, some sparks will appear on the needed spot.

    Game Instructions: As we said previously, applying your sharp observational skills is a priority in this game while the controls of the game are quite easy. All you should do is to click, but only when you see the difference. Once youve clicked on the right spot with the left mouse button, that spot becomes same as on the other picture and thats it. Go on until you find all 5 differences.


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    Good morning 5 differences

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    Published on: 16.06.2012
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