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    Gimme 5 Dogs
    Sometimes when you feel sad or you just want to laugh all you need is to take a look at a cute picture. It can be for example a photo of a baby or of a dog. Yes, dogs are such cute animals that can make you smile in just a second. I think they are one of the most loveable pets out there. There is a reason why they are called mans best friend. Besides that they are so cute, they are one of the most loyal animals in the world. So, to cut things short if you love dogs then just proceed with the reading!

    Game Walkthrough:In this game your job is to look at pictures of interesting dogs. But its not that easy. We will put two photos of dogs one next to the other. Of course at first look it will look like they are the same but actually this is not the case. There are small things; details that separate them and you need to find them. You might think that you will finish this task in just a minute but actually this job is harder than you assume. The differences are so small and insignificant, so you have to bring your best game to locate them. Of course you are working under a time limit. You dont have the luxury to waste any second. Thats the way this game goes. Do you think you have the perception and the sight of a hawk? If you do, than this is right game for you.

    Game Instructions:As all the other games where your job is to find something, you can play Gimme 5 dogs only with the computer mouse. Move the mouse to search all through the picture when you spot a difference just click on the left button and thats it. Keep an eye on the time box which is located at the top of the screen. That will give you information if you need to speed things up or you have enough time at your disposal to finish the task. So, press star, enjoy the pictures of cute dogs but most importantly get the job done.


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    Gimme 5 Dogs

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    Published on: 17.06.2012
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