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    Musaic Box
    Are you a real music lover? Well, if your answer is yes than this is absolutely the perfect game for you. In here you can even find out do you have a musical ear and a talent to be a musicians. Doesnt that sound great? Reveal you hidden talent or just have fun in Musaic box. Also in this game you might learn few good songs that might make you dance, sing or at least whistle in front of your computer.

    Game Walkthrough:Your mission is to construct musical puzzles, find hidden object etc. This is a really interesting game that you can lose yourself in for hours and hours. So the focus is on putting together puzzles. Each piece represents different sound, instrument etc. You have to figure out which pieces go together to form a certain melody. Although sometimes the melody at the end sounds right to you, this might not be the case and you need to redo it all over again. If you get stuck than you can use the hint button. But our advice is not to use this option too often. Before you start to play Musaic Box its better to read the instructions because there you can find a lot of necessary information to be the best in this game. Go through them step by step and afterwards you can expect high scores in the game. On the other hand remember that this is musical game and music is fun. So its very important to enjoy yourself and maybe at the end learn something useful. During the game we will present to you interesting musical information.

    Game Instructions:You can play this game only with the help of the computer mouse. You can drag and drop certain musical pieces of the puzzle. Thats all you need to know on the instruction part of Musaic Box. The rest is only in your hands. See if you have a talent for music and if you do, do something about it in the real world. This game will show you if you have a future in music!


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    Musaic Box

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    Published on: 25.06.2012
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