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    Mystery 2 Differences
    If you want to assess your observing skills, here is a great chance for you to do that! This game called Mystery 2 differences will give you the opportunity to see how sharp your eye is! So, get ready for a great challenge and check whether you have an eye for detail!

    Game Walkthrough: The picture you are going to see as soon as you start the game will see two pictures depicting a deck with a hydroplane or whateverand many other things you can usually see on a deck. So, at first sight these two pictures will seem that they are identical, but actually they have some slight differences that make them a little bit different. You will have to find 5 differences on the pictures. For each correct click you will get 100 points and for each wrong click you will lose 20 points! So, yeah, you have only 5 differences to find, and you might thinkoh, this is a piece of cake, but it is not that easy to do that, since the quickness is also of great importance. By the way, you have only 60 seconds to find all those 5 differences and you know, the time is passing really fast! You will see the time meter bellow the two pictures. So, you have to scan the whole picture as fast as possible and spot the differences. When you will find dissimilarity, you will see that it will be marked with a yellowish circle, so you have to continue this with the rest of the spots that make the pictures different.

    Game Instructions: For the reason that you just need to click on the spots where you have noticed a difference, you need to use only your mouse and that's all! So, grab your mouse in your hand and start searching for the small differences that make these two almost identical pictures a little bit different. As soon as you will find that spot just click on the left mouse button. Well, go ahead! Find all the differences and get a high score!!! Good luck my friend!


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    Mystery 2 Differences

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    Published on: 26.06.2012
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