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    Mister Rain
    Do you like the rain? It can be very beautiful when it is raining! Have you ever wondered how the rain occurs? You know it is actually that water from the earth that evaporates when it is hot and turns into those clouds we see in the sky. So, when it starts to condensate, it also turns into a water drops that fall on the ground again. You see, it is an amazing natural circle in the atmosphere. And nothing on this planet can exist without water! You know, in ancient times many tribes had some rituals to rouse the rain to fall, so that the plants can grow and there will be an abundance of food! The Rain is of an essential importance for all of us! So, now you will have a chance to meet Mr. Rain!

    Game Walkthrough: Come on, my friend; spot the differences with Mr. Rain. There is an option to choose to play with hint or without a hint! The choice is yours. After you click on one of these options, you will see the two almost identical pictures on the game screen. This is a great chance for you to assess your observing skills as well as to enhance them! All the pictures you will see will present the personification of the rain. So, you will see Mr. Rain ready to burst into tiny drops! So, although they are not easily visible, there are some slight differences which you must locate and as soon as you do that to click on them. If you finish the first level successfully, where you have to find 6 differences between the two pictures, you will be able to go to the next challenge, and here you will also have to find the differences and so on, until you finish them all!

    Game Instructions: And now a few words about the controls. By the way, you don't need anything else than the mouse! So, take the mouse in your hand and click on the left mouse button, as soon as you notice a difference between the two pictures. So, you should place the mouse cursor on the exact spot and click on it. That's all you should do! So, let's your sight serve you well! Good luck!!!


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    Mister Rain

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    Published on: 30.06.2012
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