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    This is an ideal opportunity for someone that is fond of animals. Here we have even ten different pairs of pictures with different animals, among them butterflies, eagles, horses, some exotic fish and many, many more. This is a classic spot the difference game in which you can both show your skills and enjoy the beautiful pictures of animals. It is required to show your observing skills and spot all the differences in the pictures to complete the game. There are 5 differences in each pair, so you must stay focus and check bout the pictures in order to find all of them. It is indeed very difficult to find the differences if you do not make an effort to focus on them both.

    Game Walkthrough: There are 10 levels in this game that are consisted of the same number of pairs of pictures. On them you can see different kinds of animals. There is no limited time, but it will be better if you try to do it as quickly as you can to earn more points. You can click on any of the picture, no mater whether some element is lacking on the picture or it is added in comparison to the other. The main thing is to click on a difference and mark it. Do that as soon as possible, because the time is ticking away. This is your chance to improve your observing skills and the power of spotting details in many different situations. Try to focus on the details even on some that are very small. You can never know for sure where to expect them: they might appear even on some places that seen insignificant to look at.

    Game Instructions: To find the differences in the pictures you will have to use the mouse. Move the cursor across the screen and click the left mouse button on the place where you think the two pictures differ from one another.


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    Published on: 02.07.2012
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