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    Kims Missing Numbers
    When we are little, usually, the first contact we have with math is through learning the numbers. We start by learning how old are we and showing with our fingers, then we learn to count to ten, twenty, and gradually to one hundred. This is also the case when we start learning another language, the second thing, right after the alphabet, are the numbers. This means that numbers are very important, and in this next game, numbers are exactly the main part, and what we are going to be dealing with. So lets se if you can count to 100!

    Game walkthrough: Today we are going to help Kim find all the missing numbers. She is not all that good with numbers, so it is p to us to find all of them and place them in order. You are going to go through different rooms of Kims house and search for them. This is not going to be easy since they are hidden very good in each room and sometimes you will not even notice that there is a number somewhere. The time is not limited, however, the faster you find all the numbers, the higher your score will be so try and do your best. Each number will get you 100 points, and if you are fast, you will get the time bonus as well.

    Game instructions: We usually play the hidden object with out mouse, and this game is no exception. Look carefully trough the rooms and when you spot a number, just click on it with your left mouse button. The numbers you need to find are shown on the bottom of your screen and when you find one, it will disappear from the list. Be careful, because for every wrong click, points will be reduced from your score. You can keep track of the score and time on the top of your screen. Now go on and help Kim find those numbers!


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    Kims Missing Numbers

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    Published on: 07.07.2012
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