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    Mystery Jigsaw
    Peter and Jenny and brother and sister who have decided to solve the mystery happening in their house. By the way, someone is committing crimes in their house and they want to find out who is that. But the problem is that they live in a very big house and there are many other people living there, so there are many suspects! So, they will need some help in their quest! Are you ready to help them? It sounds very exciting, doesn't it? Well, if you think so, come on, and start the quest!

    Game Walkthrough: Before you even start the game, you have an option to choose to play Peter, which is the easy version or Jenny, which is the hard one, but it brings some extra bonus time. Choose one of them, and after you do that, you will be given another choice and that is to select a case. By the way there are four different cases. The first one is the empty safe mystery; the second one is Lady Coventry's Diadem; the third case is the underground intruder and the fourth case is Riddle on the broken valve. Well, make your choice and see what you will need to do! It is going to be very exciting!!! So, come on, your task in this awesome game is to solve the mystery! As you can see there are many odd things happening in these kid's house! So, let's help them in their quest! After choosing a case you should actually solve a puzzle and then you will be able to proceed further on. You can use the 'preview scene'; 'show edges' and 'middle edges' which will help you solve the puzzle. After solving the whole puzzle, you will be able to search for clues on that picture which will help you solve the mystery!

    Game Instructions: This is an awesome mystery jigsaw game for which you need to use the mouse only. So grab it in your hand and click and drag on those pieces to stick them together. Yeah, all you need to do is to click the left mouse button and hold it to move the pieces around. Well, follow the in-game instructions and everything will be clear! We hope that you will solve the mystery!!!


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    Mystery Jigsaw

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    Genres: Mystery
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    Published on: 11.07.2012
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