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    Do you dream often? What are your dreams like? You know, Sigmund Freud and Karl Gustav Jung once said that we should not ignore dreams, since they can tell us many things about out unconsciousness as well as the archetypal images that appear everywhere and everyone of us see them and manifest them throughout the live! Ok, so put these theories aside and let's have some fun! By the way, you will also have a chance to assess your observing skills!!!

    Game Walkthrough: Dreamswe all have them once in a while! And the girl you are going to meet in this amazing hidden object game is dreaming. So you will actually be able to see the images of her dreams! Oh, they look amazing! Like a dream within a dream! But of course, besides looking at these dream-like images, you will have to spot the differences between them. You will see two almost identical pictures, so your task will be to find the spots that make the two images a little bit different! Sounds interesting! It certainly is! But you have to open your eyes and scan the two pictures and see what is missing or what is sufficient, but also you should take care of the colors on some details, the textures, and things like that! This will be a great test for your observing skills! After finding all the differences in a level, you will automatically enter the next one, which will present you another amazing pair of dream-like pictures!!! For each correct click you will get 5 points, but be careful, for each wrong click you lose 5 points! So, avoid clicking, unless you are absolutely sure you have found the difference. And be fast as possible also, because if you find all the differences fast, you will get some bonus points.

    Game Instructions: Since this is a point and click kind of game, you only need your mouse to play it! So, grasp the mouse in your hand and start searching for those slight little details that make the two pictures a little bit different! As soon as you find a difference, just place the mouse cursor there and click with the left mouse button. That's it! You can do it! So, enjoy a lot in this amazing world of dreams!!!


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    Genres: Mystery
    Played: 42,275
    Published on: 12.07.2012
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    mabby (3 years ago):
    I cant say how many times Ive played it! The design is very simple, but there is something about the story so so beautiful! Thanks guys.