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    Pirates and Princesses
    What do pirates and princesses have in common? We could say nothing but the following spot the difference game is the thing that brings them together. And we are not talking about real pirates and princesses but we are talking about three kids that are playing on the playground, dressed up like pirates and princesses. This place looks wonderful because there is a nice green grass, a lot of flowers, many toys, one cute dog, swings and slides, everything that kids love. But what do you think, why are there two same pictures one by the other?

    Game walkthrough: Yes, those pictures look same in the first instance but we will tell you that is not like that because there are 7 spots in which those pictures differ between each other and your mission in this game is to find those 7 spots. To do that, open your eyes good and start exploring. Those spots are quite evident but you have limited time period for the game so it could end up on one blink which means that you need to react very fast. While you play the game, dont try to remember the position of the elements for case that you lose it once. Every next time you play the game you have the same pictures but the elements are not on the same places as the first time. Making wrong or random moves wont cost you anything, only youll spend your time uselessly and you wont have time for the real differences, in this game every moment is important.

    Game Instructions: Your mouse and your observational skills are everything that you need for the game. Concentrate good and try to find all the 7 differences that appear between those two pictures. When you spot some difference, click on it with the left mouse button and it will be circled with one small pencil. Try to solve the game as fast as you could and get a highest score.


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    Pirates and Princesses

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    Published on: 14.07.2012
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