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    Jasmin and Jack
    Are you one of those people who notice every detail around or you just don't look further than your nose? Well, sometimes it is very important to notice these subtle details! You don't know when you will have a chance to use that! So, if you would like to improve your observing skill, you can play hidden object games and now we want to present you this type of hidden object game that is in fact a 'spot the difference game'! So, this game will not only give you the opportunity to assess your observing skills, but you will be able to follow a really nice story!

    Game Walkthrough: If you choose to play this game you will be able to follow the story about Jasmin and her cute little puppy called Jack one day they spent in the park together. You will be given two almost identical images and your task is to locate these slight little differences in order to go further. This game can be played with hints or without hints. So, if you think that you can handle it without hints, go ahead! You should spot the differences that make the two pictures a little bit different. For each correct click you will get 5 points, but you should be careful and not click unnecessarily because if you do, you will also lose five points for each wrong click. And you should be as quick as possible, because if you find all the differences for a short time, you will get some bonus points! So, look around, concentrate on some small details, sometimes maybe the difference is in the colors, sometimes something is missing and sometimes something is sufficient!

    Game Instructions: You will only need the help of your mouse to play this spot the difference game. So, take the mouse in your hand and start searching for the differences that appear on the pictures by clicking on them with the left mouse button! That's all you need to do in this game! We hope that you will find all the differences and get to the end of the story!!!


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    Jasmin and Jack

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    Published on: 19.07.2012
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