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    And there is nothing special about the theme of this game, there is not some complex story hiding behind, its simply about the sun and the wonderful weather, about feeling fine and enjoying! It is about some wonderful landscapes full with flowers, green grass and cute rabbits jumping all around, about peace and happiness! That is the impression that those pictures give but also there is some work to be done if you like to see all of them so check out what is this game about.

    Game Walkthrough: The game has 6 pictures but to open new picture you have to accomplish the task given in the previous one, but lets start from the beginning and explain the things right. Sunny is a spot the difference type of game. It involves 6 rounds and in every round your task will be same to find at least one of three differences that will appear between two almost same pictures. You may think that this is a real piece of cake since there are so many games that ask from you to find 10 or more differences and you play them without having any troubles but the thing is that in this game the differences are really tiny. At first sight it seems that both pictures are completely same but that is not true. Other factor that makes the game hard is that you dont have so much time for finding differences; its about 30 seconds that will pass in instance so finding one difference will be a real blessing. There is no hint or second chance for this game, if you dont find any difference in the current level, the game will be over, but however you may replay the game as many times as you wish. If you manage to pass the whole game, you will be rewarded with a cup. There is bronze, silver and golden and we recommend you to aim for the highest rank.

    Game Instructions: The instructions for playing are very simple. You observe the pictures and once you spot a difference, you click on it with the left mouse button and thats it.


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    Published on: 11.08.2012
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