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    If you are looking for some great humor these days, Shaun the ship is the perfect selection! In case that you dont know anything about Shaun, it is a animated series that take place in one village and follows the adventures on one herd with sheep, together with the happenings of its owner the Farmer. And you may think that there is nothing interesting about sheep but the members of this herd are extremely interesting, very clever and very charismatic. And before you get to watch and episode of this excellent series, you may check out this game that will capture the spirit of the whole situation there in the village.

    Game Walkthrough: The action of this interesting find the difference game starts right away when you open the game. The game is dedicated to one situation on the sheeps life, the moment when Shaun is trying to make a portrait of his friends. The game-play is limited and you have only 100 seconds available to find all the differences that appear between two pictures that look same at first sight. Dont let those pictures fool you, open your eyes good, apply your observational skills and find everything that it takes to end the game. The game doesnt tell you how many differences you should find but we will give you a small hint there are exactly seven differences that make those pictures different. In case that you dont find the differences in the given time, or you find only some of them, the game will be over and you will see the sad and disappointed face of Shaun the sheep. We are sure that you wont let that to happen so try to be concentrated and find whatever it takes to be a winner in this game. In case that is too difficult for you, you may try again.

    Game Instructions: Since there is only one level in the game you might think that it is an easy game but those differences are not so easy to be found. On other hand the instructions for playing are quite easy once you spot a difference, just click on it with the left mouse click and thats it.


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    Published on: 14.08.2012
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    patches48 (5 years ago):
    timer is too quick
    patches48 (5 years ago):
    nothing no games are loading